Assignment #3 (Due: 10/3)

Finding a hidden visualization.

You come across this fragment of html.
    <div style="width:45%;"></div>
    <div style="width:25%;"></div>
    <div style="width:11%;"></div>
    <div style="width:21%;"></div>
    <div style="width:10%;"></div>
It seems to contain some data. Do you see it? Let's turn it into a visualization.
  1. This fragment has only the body tag. Let's make it as a well-formed HTML file. Complete the necessary parts and save it as a3-hidden-1.html. Check out HTML5 specification.
  2. How can we make the div element visible? Let's add some text to each div tag. A natural solution may be putting the 'data' that those div tags contain. Also, maybe we can draw outlines for each div? First create a css file, main-2.css, and put a tag to load it. Draw black outlines around each div. Can you see a chart like this now? Save it as a3-hidden-2.html

  3. Why is there a box that surrounds all other boxes? Let's fix the problem by using a CSS selector. We need a way to select only the div elements that act as bars. What should we do? Name the selector as bar. Modify the HTML and CSS files accordingly.
  4. Let's make it pretty. Edit CSS to add the following styles to the bars. Consult CSS references on the web to identify the correct CSS property names.
    • Remove the border
    • Fonts: Helvetica, Arial, or any sans serif fonts
    • Background color: DarkGreen
    • Font color: white
    • Height of each bar div: 2em
    • Height of each line: 2em
    • Padding on the right: 2em
    • Bottom margin: 2 pixels.
    • Text align: Right side
    The chart should look like the one below. Isn't it cool? Save the files as a3-hidden-3.html and a3-hidden-3.css

  5. Make a zip file containing all HTML and CSS files and submit it.
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