Assignment #5 (Due: 10/24)

From the lab

The first task is finishing the tasks in the last lab document. Increase the number of random numbers in your list to 1000, set the opacity for the circles, then add the vertical noise (jitter) to produce the jittered dot plot. Name the HTML file as jitter.html.


The second task is drawing histograms with the random numbers. Start from here. First replace Irwin Hall distribution with your random number generator from the lab. Generate 100 numbers and play with the number of bars. First set it to 50 and save it to a file hist-1.html. Do you think it is a good idea to use 50 bars to show this information? If not, explain what the problem is. Change the number of bars to 10 and increase the number of points until you get more or less uniform distribution. Save it to hist-2.html.

Now, instead of generating random numbers between 0 and 1, generate numbers between 0 and 100. You also need to rescale the x-axis to show the data. Find the number that should be changed and change it to show the histogram properly. Save it as hist-3.html. Consult This document.

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