The course project constitutes a major part of this course. You can do it alone or create a team (2~3 people). You will choose a visualization problem, e.g. "I want to visualize this data" or "I want to find a way to visualize this type of data". The former, data-driven question mainly aims to combine existing visualization techniques to effectively convey your messages while the latter, method-driven question mainly aims to develop a new way to visualize particular types of data. There is no clear cut between them and it is fine to be creative. :)


The deliverables are

Project proposal (Due: 10/8)

An one or two page document that contains

Proposal presentation (10/8-10/15)

We will follow the Ignite format. You should have 20 slides and each slide will auto-advance every 15 seconds. You should submit the slides the day before the class. It should address

Progress report (#1 Due: 10/27, #2 Due: 11/17)

A draft of the final report. A rubric will be provided.

Final report (Due: 12/15)

A rubric will be provided.

SOIC Projects & Research Symposium (12/6 11am-2pm)

Final presentation (12/8, 12/10)