Barcelona & Heidelberg

14 Sep 2013

I’ll be in Barcelona and Heidelberg during the next two weeks and it seems like a lot of fun!

I’m psyched up for the ECCS satellite meetings, Quantifying Success and Collective Behaviors and Networks, at which I’ll present my recent work including the one about viral memes and networks. Check out the list of talks (Quantifying Success program and COVEnANT program). Btw, if you will present at either one of them and if you recognize this picture, you may want to add a slide. ;)

After Barcelona, I’ll visit Heidelberg to particpate in an exciting event called Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Basically, I am invited to be one of the 200 lucky young researchers in math and cs who will hang out with the winners of the Abel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal, and Nevanlinna Prize. Not a couple, not several, but many of them!

See you in Barcelona and Heidelberg!