Yong-Yeol “YY” Ahn

Assistant Professor
Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University Bloomington

Informatics East, Rm 316
919 E 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408

Email: yyahn@indiana.edu
Twitter: @yy
Phone: +1 (812) 856 2920
Office hours: Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm (2014 Spring semester)
Book an appointment: http://doodle.com/yyahn (please suggest multiple slots)
Curriculum Vitae: cv.pdf


I am an assistant professor at Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing and a co-founder of Janys Analytics. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University and a visiting researcher at the Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute from June 2008 till May 2011. My post-doctoral advisor was Albert-László Barabási. I received my Ph.D. from Physics Department at KAIST in early 2008. My advisor was Hawoong Jeong.

I am interested in the structure and dynamics of complex systems, such as society and living organisms. So, I usually play with massive datasets and muse on the hidden patterns. My recent work covers several area such as the hierarchical & modular structure in social and biological networks (e.g. Nature 466, 761-764, 2010, Science 333, 601, 2011), the analysis of metabolic networks (e.g. PNAS 107, 1082-1087, 2010), social media (e.g. twitter - pulse of the nation), and food (Sci. Rep. 1, 196, 2011).

Please visit my publication page or Google scholar profile for the more details on my publications.


Selected Works

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